Network Infrastructure

We design, build and maintain network & server infrastructure for schools & institutions, businesses, and professional offices.  Our expertise includes Microsoft Server Operating Systems, IBM & Lenovo Server Hardware, Cisco Switches, Routers & Wireless Networks, Sonicwall Firewalls, NEC and EMC Storage Solutions, and Symantec Network Security Solutions, with vast experience with many other leading manufacturers.

U-Combination's design and product selection is made with the client's goal as a constant guide.  Whether your immediate need is to improve internal communication, data sharing, branch integration, file storage, email efficiency, or web presence, we will boost your operational efficiency.

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Educational Infrastructure

When it comes to education, nothing excites UCOM more than providing the tools necessary to enhance teachers' lesson plans and provide students with cutting edge information.

In addition to building, designing and providing maintenance services, we specialize in numerous educational technologies as well.  These range from video distribution to distance education to classroom instruction tools.  Contact UCOM to bring your classrooms into the future of education.

Systems Management

At a time when every dollar and every minute is so critical, system downtime will steal money from your pocket and ruin your business.  So why spend company time and money trying to be Computer and Network professionals working outside your expertise to fix mysterious problems, when you can have UCOM preventing them.

Partnering with U-Combination Technology is an investment in uptime, reliability, and increased profit.  When relying on U-Combination to handle your systems management, you are working proactively to keep your staff in action and cash flowing.

STOP! Think for a minute. What would one day without your computers, your data, and your accounting systems do to your business?  Can you afford that?

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Tourism Marketing

Our Tourism Marketing division specializes in working with major cities and states to promote and market their destinations to the Chinese audience. We also work with major Chinese tourism bureau to promote their destinations to the United States. Our success is attributed to our team of seasoned web developers and designers, travel planners, data and statistics analyzers, search engine optimization professionals as well as translators.

Our knowledge and in depth understanding of the unique cultural and business practices within China enables us to successfully reach out to the Chinese market for our local clients. Likewise, we are able to do the same for our clients in China. We utilize data and statistics from major search engines such as Google and Baidu (Chinese equivalent of Google) to analyze and develop our tourism marketing strategies.

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Information Management-Backup & Recovery

In today's business and legal environment, a company's documents, data, and records are invaluable and irreplaceable.  They should be quickly locatable, easily managed, and securely stored.

In addition to being quickly and easily located, documents should be considered an asset used to expose new opportunities and improve business process.   While there are diverse uses of a document management system, the bottom line is its function in saving time and money.  Contact the experts at U-Combination Technology to put Information Management to work for you.

U-Combination Technology is a client-focused Information Technology Services organization serving businesses, schools, and non-profits in the greater Delaware Valley. Whether its 3 workstations or 300, our goal is to become a trusted "member of the team" as we learn about our clients, their business operations, and their goals & dreams. Through our diverse set of technologies and capabilities, we strive to provide high availability, enhance business efficiency, and increase success & profitability.


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